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Bioprospecting for novel bioproperites

Capture & use of CO2 emissions

Critcal minerals recovery by microalgae

Nautral antimicrobial & antiviral agents

Natural health benefical antioxidants

Natural anticancer compounds

Biofuels derived from microalgae

Life cycle analysis of processes & products

Safe drinking water for remote communities

Energy conservation, recovery & reuse

International collaboration

We are active in collaborating with international institutions and companies, and welcome new links. It helps provide greater opportunities and faster outcomes through exposure to alternative expertise, perspectives and experiences.

These collaborations involve a wide range of projects and regular visits by, and exchanges of, researchers.

Collaborations in Brazil


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Ashley Scott


Corey Laamanen

Deputy Director

Gerusa Senhorinho

Principal Research Scientist

Helen Shang

Head of Systems Modeling

Claire Fawcett

Research Coordinator

Sabrina Desjardins

Senior Research Associate

Yongmei Jiao

Senior Research Associate

Jacob Comley

Research Associate

Miranda Bunyak

PhD researcher

Kelly Chan-Yam

PhD researcher

Shawn Chretien

MASc researcher

Jason Corcoran

PhD researcher

Samantha McGrath

MASc researcher

Sean Nickson

MASc researcher

Carly Perron

MASc researcher

Kathryn Rinaldi

MASc researcher

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