The Ontario North Green Economy Network (ONGEN) supports development of a regional green economy by cooridinating research, support services and industries. ONGEN's target is to create new economic opportunity through production of green energy, chemicals and natural health compounds.

We are very pleased to have the team's work recognized by over three consecutive years reaching the final selection round for various international awards. We won the award in 2015 for the Research Project of the Year at a ceremony in the UK hosted by the Institution of Chemical Engineers that Recognized the project or process that best demonstrates a novel chemical or biochemical engineering solution to improve resource efficiency, lifetime value and/or process automation. The award was co-sponsored by Simon Carves Engineering.

We were also a finalist for the 2016 international Team of the Year and for 2017, Sustainability.

Award 2015
Award 2016
Award 2017

These awards are for multidisciplanary projects with various companies, including Glencore's Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations and AIS plc.

Under a banner of "prospecting industrial and mine sites for additional resources", they include the use of waste off-gas heat and CO2 to help produce microalgae for bioenergy, on-site energy recovery and reuse, and identifying microalgae from regional water bodies that produce value added products such as biofuels, nutraceuticals, antimicrobial agents and anticancer agents.