Within many regions around the world there exists traditional industrial facilities with associated tracts of marginal or non-productive land suitable for hosting new green economy focused activities, as well as extensive resource streams and technologies that can be tapped into. However, for a green economy to establish itself in region with widely distributed population centers, the need is to identify and link to locally available resources.

ONGEN leads the necessary research and development, and ensures that existing regional industries are supported and integrated by looking to cross-utilize knowledge, facilities and processes. The region’s own existing industries and businesses are also a significant market for green economy products. For mining for example, this includes green chemicals to replace existing mineral oil based products and the use of clean burining biodiesel underground to improve environmental health impacts.

There is significant opportunity for another key regional economic driver, travel and tourism, to gain from operating in an environment driven by a green economy. To support this, ONGEN is developing comprehensive performance benchmarking tools. Thier application to travel and tourism, along with the region's other industries, can demonstrate their green sustainability credentials.